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Restaurant Zum Anker

Contact with the Hosts
Mr. Dennis Vogel
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Updated on: 08.01.2019

... at the Restaurant "Zum Anker"

What's for dinner today?

Fast food as always, a canned soup? Or would you like to eat well?

We serve  you a "Schnitzel" as large as your plate, freshly made fried potatoes, crispy chicken on the spit.

Enjoy delicious asparagus in spring, fresh big salads and grilled meat in summertime. Taste our chanterelle in autumn, tender roast pork and marinated beef with dumplings and home made gravy.

And in wintertime, there will be venison and savory fried goose with spicy red cabbage. Plain cooking with the best ingridients, local specialities and fresh products - together with a glass of the excellent wine of the Rheingau.

Enjoy your meal!

We would be glad to welcome you in our restaurant with its long tradition. 
Walker and wanderers, residents, but also visitors from all around the world enjoy our savory cooking, the large choice of wines and attentive service.

The cozy ambiente and rich antique decorations lead many of our guests to stay a little longer. Through the large arched windows you can enjoy the panorama of "Father Rhine", the wineyards, medieval castle Rheinstein. And because of this view our terrace seats are very much in demand during summertime.

The Ambiente
A place like ours with such a long tradition deserves a very special ambiente.

It took a great deal of detailed work to decorate all rooms with original antiquities. Furniture, paintings, lamps, carvings and figurines are reminiscent to the history of the valley: the knights and the nobility, the merchants and citizens, the fishermen, winegrowers and monks.

Through the large arched windows you can enjoy the panorama of "Father Rhine", the vineyards and the medieval castle Rheinstein. And on one of the windowsills we docked the huge handicraft model of a historic sailing ship.

The Rhine valley is a beautiful area all year, through all seasons. The "Anker" is a place to relax and to recreate. To celebrate a special event with your friends or customers. Or to spend a wonderful private evening.

Groups and Events
The Restaurant "Zum Anker" is an ideal event location. Not even an hour away from the biggest German airport and the financial metropolis of Frankfurt, but far from the stress and hecticness of urban living.

If you have a meeting to arrange in the Rhein Main region with German or International guests, we can assist your planning for a leisure programme, an excursion or a dinner event.

We dispose of reliable partner companies to take care of transport requirements: coaches for the entire group or limousines for your VIP's. And we give you a helping hand to select additional service providers.

However, if your group is very big and counts even a few hundred participants, we can also arrange for a dinner event at an alternative location, as for instance in one of the medieval castles nearby.

... in the Loreley Tavern
Many legends and tales have been written about the valley and the river Rhine - but the Loreley is known around the world.

Join us at our "Loreley Tavern". Whether you come alone or together with your friends: you are welcome to spend a pleasant evening.

The Bar offers a large variety of international brand beverages.  And, if you are lucky, the Loreley will come around and see you.

We offer an impressive collection of French Champagnes: for instance Moët & Chandon, Dom Pérignon and Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin.

The below mentioned special bottle sizes are available.....
Melchisedech 30Ltr (on a handcrafted lafette) / Nebukadnezar 15Ltr / Balthazar 12Ltr / Salmanazar 9Ltr / Mathusalem 6Ltr / Jéroboam 3Ltr, Magnum 1,5Ltr / Bouteille 0,75 Ltr / Demie 0,375 Ltr / Piccolo 0,2 Ltr

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Contact with the Hosts
Mr. Dennis Vogel
Rheinuferstraße 7 , 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein
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